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The Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters (YCGFA-NAH)
is an overseas branch of the
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association of Beijing China. It
was set up on June 28, 1993 when Yin Cheng Dashi - Great Master Wang Peisheng
- visited the United States. As an international organization, its goal is to introduce
valuable traditional arts to the world. It will help people understand and study
YCGF. Shifu Zhang Yun was appointed as the president of YCGFA-NAH by Great
Master Wang.
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Shifu Zhang and Grandmaster Wang
in San Francsico
We want to help people who are interested in this system. So far several branches
of the YCGFA are included in the North American Headquarters in the United
States. They are: the Pennsylvania branch located in Pittsburgh; the Nevada
branch located in Reno; the New Jersey branch located in Princeton; New Mexico
Branch located in Albuquerque; New York branch located in New York City; the
California branch located in Santa Barbara; and the Tennessee branch located in
Summertown. If you would like to study YCGF, you are welcome to contact any of
these branches.
Pennsylvania Branch in Pittsburgh PA:
Yun Zhang:  ycgf@yahoo.com
Nevada Branch in Reno, NV:
John Benavides: (702) 747-9562  
California Branch in Santa Barbara, CA:
Johnn Smith: (805) 653-5270   squshblsm@aol.com
New Mexico Branch in Albuquerque, NM:
Patrick Ingram: (505) 489-9906  yinchunke@yahoo.com
Tennessee Branch in Summertown, TN:
Peter Kindfield: (931) 964-3448 peter@thefarmcommunity.com

New Jersey Branch in Princeton, NJ:
Jimmy Lee: (732) 297-7298  leewah@comcast.net
New classes in Tai Chi and Qigong starting in September 2012 in  
Contact Jimmy Lee. Day, evening and private lessons available
New York City Branch in New York, NY:
Strider Clark:  striderclark@yahoo.com
Clayton Shiu: (212) 828-5200 clayton@nshaolin.com
Maryland Branch in Frederick, Maryland:
Paul Cote:  (240) 994-0475     att8@verizon.net
International Baiyuan Tongbei Quan Association in New York, NY:
Strider Clark: (646) 688-9146 whiteapefist@yahoo.com
Caritto Bayne: dablackwolf@gmail.com
Steel Dragon Kung Fu & Lion Dance in Pittsburgh, PA:
Chris Young: (412) 362-6096 info@steel-dragon.org
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Shifu Zhang and a part of his students in Reno.
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Taiji class in Princeton Branch.
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Spear class in Princeton Branch.
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Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters
YCGF Association Europ Greece/Athens Branch in Athena, Greece
George Christoforou: 0030 697 4940693 geoxrist@gmail.com
WuweiTaiji School in Princeton, NJ:
Won Park: (609) 520-8423 wpark@princeton.edu