Welcome to the home page of the Yin Cheng Gong Fa (YCGF) Association
Tennessee Branch. We are located at The Farm in Summertown Tennessee and
offer group and private lessons and seminars in Wu Style Taiji Quan (T'ai-chi
Ch'uan) forms, push hands, and the ideas underlying Taiji Quan as they apply to
form and push hands practice and to everyday living.

Taiji Quan is an ancient Chinese martial art deeply rooted in Chinese culture and
tradition. The major goal of Taiji Quan is to achieve the maximum result with a
minimum of force. With Taiji, this efficiency results from relaxing, listening, and
following. In addition to improving our effectiveness in martial situations,
learning how to respond efficiently has many immediate and long-term benefits
for our psychological and physical health and well being.

Our class meets 10:00 - 11:30am Saturday morning. Visitors are welcome. Please
feel free to contact Peter Kindfield at 931.964.3448 or   
peter@thefarmcommunity.com   for more information.

Peter has been studying Taiji Quan since 1992, began practicing in the YCGF
system in 1994, and has been teaching Taiji since 1998. Peter is a lineage disciple
of Master Zhang Yun. As a Ph.D. in Education, Peter takes great joy in sharing
what he has learned of this wonderful and deep tradition with anyone who is
willing to practice.

For more information about YCGF and our classes in other areas, please visit the
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