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When people study internal martial arts, there is offten a big problem for them that
the fighting skill is not easy to master. It is like a high threshold blocking people's
progross. Many people practice internal martial arts long time, but when they try to
use their techniques, they find either they cannot use them well or they can use
them just like external gongfu. In order to help people to solve this problem, YCGF
offers a good training method:
The Essence Of Internal Gongfu Combative
Techniques - Sixteen Postures Form.
It is a summary of high level training and
fighting experience.
The Sixteen Postures Form was created by Master Lu Shengli. Everything in the
form is based on internal gongfu (kungfu)
: Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Xingyi
; and also some useful skills from Tongbei Quan, Baji Quan, etc. are
included. Master Lu studied internal martial arts from Grand Master Wang
Peisheng and Master Luo Shuhuan for more than thirty years. He has practiced
very hard and developed his actual fighting skills to a high level. From his personal
experience, he has chosen about thirty single techniques from internal gongfu and
created this form. He wants to help people who are already proficient in basic
gongfu to study and master actual fighting skills quickly. We know that in the study
of internal gongfu, we are able to experience many beneficial feelings. However in
real fighting people are unable to pick up the feelings quickly. We can always find
people who have practiced internal gongfu for many years but they can not use
internal idea in their fighting. The study of this form is a shortcut in applying internal
principles to real fighting. In the traditional view people said: "to master one
technique is better than knowing a thousand incompletely". Master Lu adopted
this idea. Under Grand Master Wang's instruction, he did a lot research in creating
this form. Everything he has chosen is simple but useful. If one already has some
basic gongfu skills of the internal styles, we believe this form can help him to really
understand actual fighting principles and let him utilize some skills quickly.
Master Lu studied martial arts form ten years of age. He practiced very hard and
developed his fighting skill to a high level. For many years, he starts his training
from five o'clock in the every morning. His high level gongfu skill made him win a
good reputation among the martial artist community of Beijing.  
Master Lu has been teaches martial arts for more
than fifteen years. To date he is the martial arts
instructor of Beijing Information Technology Institute,
Beijing Wu Style Taiji Quan Association, and Yin
Cheng Gong Fa Association. As an assistant of
Grand Master Wang, he has helped Master Wang
organize and teach classes and seminors for many
years. He also helps Master Wang train many foreign
visiting martial arts practitioners. In 1993, when he
visited Unite States Grand Master Wang chose
Master Lu as his assistant. They taught a week long
workshop in the Taste of China event in Virginia.
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Grand Master Wang Peisheng
and Master Lu Shengli
demostrated Taiji Push hands in
the Taste of China in 1993.
Lu Shengli's SIxteen Posture Neijia Fighting Form
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters
Copyright © 2000 YCGF_NAH. All rights reserved.
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