Yin Cheng Gong Fa Seminar review, June 2010
First European Bai Shi Ceremony

     We are very happy that we hosted the second seminar of our Shifu, Zhang
Yun (the fourth YCGF seminar), in Athens – Greece, during the period of 11-
20/06/2010.  Nearly 10 days of constant training in the marvelous arts of Taiji
Quan, Xingyi Quan, and Tongbei Quan, left us with the best impressions (once
more) for the rare depth of the lineage of Great Grand Master Wang Peisheng.

     From the first hours since Shifu arrived at the airport, till late night before he
left, he did his best in order for us to understand the high level teachings of our
family’s Neijia.

     The first two days of the training were specific into the understanding of the
Northern Wu style Taiji principles through analyzing parts of the 37 posture form,
tuishou, martial applications, as well as correct postural alignment. Everybody
attended could see and feel the manifestation of different powers and qualities
expressed by Shifu through the tuishou training and in free practice as well.
     The next two days we covered important material from the curriculum of Xingyi
Quan and Tongbei Quan. Explanations of the five elements were given, not only in
power oriented analysis, but philosophically as well. Shifu’s Xingyi and Tongbei are of
a very high caliber, although Taiji and Yin Bagua are his specialties. The participants
had the opportunity to witness how real internal power  oriented are these styles and
how profound the meanings behind the movements are.

     The days that followed we went for some vacations in Syros island. There, we had
great time with Shifu on the beach, more private training, good food and relax.
Aggelos (my senior student) had extra training with Shifu for many hours in the Yin
Bagua which he really loves along with the other neijia. Shifu taught him a lot,
sometimes till very late at night. An interesting experience for sure.
      This year we saw with great interest that our family in Europe
starts to grow up. Two very nice and talented brothers from
Ukraine, Vitaliy and Slava, enrolled in the seminar. Interested
mostly in the Tongbei of YCGF they trained with Shifu the best
they could and we hope they enjoyed the Greek hospitality. Their
presence made us very happy. Being form similar cultural
backgrounds, socializing with them was very pleasant experience
and we hope to see them soon.
     However the important event  of Shifu’s visit was the bai shi ceremony
we had in our new wuguan. It was the first YCGF bai shi ceremony
contacted in European ground and Shifu accepted me (George
Christoforou) and my friend and martial brother (George Chronopoulos)
as his 31 and 32 chair disciples, making us very proud and honored to
hold a position like that. The ceremony was traditional, in front of the past
generation master’s and Grand master Wang Peisheng’s altar with Shifu
burning incense and the known protocol to be followed by everybody.

     Being accepted as a disciple would not be ever possible without the
help and the support of my two elder gong fu brothers Strider and Clayton.
Since 2006 that I contacted Shifu in order to teach us, they are next to us
with every way, helping us to understand the high level teachings of our
family taking the role of the teacher, the friend and above anything else,
the Brother. Thank you guys, from the heart. And I am talking from behalf
of my brother George.
Vitally, George Chronopoulos, Shifu, George Christorou, Slava
George Christorou, Shifu, and George Chronopoulos
in Bai Shi Ceremony
     At the same time I was very happy, because Irini Lyra (my first
teacher in Wu style and a student of Grand Master Wang) was there
in the seminar and  the bai shi. She is a friend to me and a person I

     Shifu amazed everyone, not only for his abilities in TCMA, but for
his manners and behavior as well. He is really a “simple” person,
going with the flow of everything, smooth and at the same time
extremely active in an instant, with great spirit, a fine taste of humor,
and some interesting stories about past generation masters to share.
He taught and explained many things in many fields of knowledge in
a very profound way either it was about Daoist theory or just martial

     For Shifu, things are just smooth and simple, however for us it is
a great opportunity to make our lives better and our spirit active
trying to be inspired from our interaction with him.
     Trying to live with wude is a very demanding tusk in our times, maybe more
than ever, and people who can really teach you that and lead by example are a
rarity amongst men. Shifu Yun Zhang is one of those men and we are very lucky
to be in his family.

Thank you Shifu.

George Christoforou (Lei Hai Tao)
September 2010, Greece.
Shifu in Syros island
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