During the hot days of the Greek summer (from 6/7 – 14/7) we hosted the third
YCGF/Greece – Europe Neijia seminar in Athens, with shifu Strider Clark. Eight days of
constant training, under the precise direction of Strider with the help of his first tudi Josh  
Hehr which led us to the YCGF curriculum through the arts of Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan,
Tongbei Quan and Qigong. The Greek students had the rare opportunity to train directly with
Strider shifu who is the oldest disciple of my teacher Yun Zhang (since 1989) and had
trained in China for a long period of time with Great Grand Master Wang Peisheng among
other teachers of our lineage. The training was of a very high caliber, with
Strider taking care
of every single detail on each student. The
feeling was that of a private lesson and not so
much of a plain seminar. As it is usual with the
teachers of our family, training lasted all day,
even during the last few days of vacation in
Porto Heli and Spetses island. Emphasis was
given on the correct posture and internal
feeling on the Taiji movements, special tui
shou methods for the development of the
unique sensitivity that Northern Wu style
requires, Tongbei Quan and Shuai Chiao
basic striking and grappling methods, private
lessons to Liu style Ba Gua and a very detailed
Xing Yi training on shan ti shi and 5 elements in which Josh’s detailed teaching and practical
skill was of great importance.  All these, as well as Qigong training made us more than
happy. Strider’s abilities, huge experience and teaching skills were of a very high level since
this person lives and breathes through the Neijia of our lineage and we owe him a very big
“thank you”.
Shifu Clark and George Christoforou
Of equal pleasure was socializing with Strider shifu and Josh, under the “frappe”
coffee influence, the fresh fish & Greek food, the crystal clear blue sea and the
hot sun. The swimming under the Poseidon temple at Sounio, the snorkeling and
the endless conversations about Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean sea,
the visit at the orthodox monastery of Saint Efraim, and much more, gave us all
unforgettable memories.  The Sunday night meeting with Clayton Shiu shifu, the
hours of talking about the legacy of Great Grand Master Wang Peisheng, the
exchange of views about Daoist internal alchemy and history as well as our
common worries regarding the global situation, made us all feel something less
than simple students of martial arts and more as a complete united family,
regardless of nationality.

All of these would never be possible without the guidance of Yun Zhang shifu and
the motivation that he offers us through his generous teachings not only in martial
arts but in wude as well.

Thank you very much.

George Christoforou
YCGF/Greece – Europe

July, 2009
Shifu Clayton Shiu joined us
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