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Taiji Sticking Staff and Spear Seminar with Shifu Zhang Yun
in Princeton NJ, March 8, 9, 2008
Shifu Zhang Yun led a basic Taiji Sticking Staff training seminar.  It was a great success and helped to
emphasize the difference in external and internal training using one of the oldest classical Gong Fu weapon.
Shifu Zhang talked about the differences in
handling the staff vs. the spear and clearly
showed the advantages and disadvantages of
both weapons.
Shifu Zhang also showed how sensitivity and borrowing force is
possible through the weapon and proved that he had proficient skills
with the internal abilities of using the Taiji sticking staff skills.  In
particular, he demonstrated sui (following), zhan (adhering), and
peng  in many of his examples at this particular seminar. Most of all
he once again proved that developing internal sensitivity is a high
level unique skill that is precious to any martial artist's development.