Shifu Clayton Shiu in Athens
Shifu Clayton Shiu in Athens
The Second YCGF Seminar - Wu Style Taiji Quan 37 posture form
and push hands, Qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine
August, 2008 in Athens, Greece
We, the Greek / European YCGF group, are very happy to
announce that with great success we hosted the 2nd Yin
Chen Gong Fa seminar in Athens, Greece with Clayton
Shiu (Master Zhang Yun’s disciple - tudi and senior
instructor), during 23-24/08/2008.

Sifu Clayton was in Greece for 8 days helping us to
advance in the YCGF curriculum (37 posture of Wu style,
Qigong, 4 basic skills of Taiji push hands, Taiji Quan
fighting principles etc.).   The seminar was very accurate
with Clayton trying to explain to the Greek participants,
during the 1st day of the seminar, the relation between
traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meridian theory, the
Western medicine, Qigong breathing and mind
connection through the practice of “8 pieces of brocade”
and “Sun and Moon Qigong”.
During the 2nd day, we had the opportunity to see some of  the
Tai Ji Quan powers and skills, as well as train in advance push
hands (tui shou). The highlight of the seminar, was the healing
skills that Clayton demonstrated to some Greek students, which
ended up in a pleasant surprise of the attendants.

Of course, we had some vacations in Agistri island and a lot of
personal training with the Greek instructor and his senior
students (sometimes till 6:00 in the morning). Shifu Clayton Shiu
gave the best of himself, helping everybody to understand Great
Grand Master Wang Peisheng’s and Master Zhang Yun’s art.
Above everything else, we spent a lot of
good time with him, enjoyed every minute
of his presence with us, not only in the
training, but in a more personal level.

Clayton is a friend, among many other
things, that we highly acknowledge and he
gained a place in everybody’s heart with
his high level “social” skills.

Last but not least, we want to express our
gratitude to Sifu Zhang Yun for having
these great martial arts and philosophy of
Yin Chen Gong Fa in our small country.

We are looking forward, with anticipation,
to having the American/Chinese family in
Greece again soon.   

Keep the Wu De above everything…….

George Christoforou
September 2008
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters
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