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Zhao Zeren (赵泽仁) of Beijing, is Director of the Children’s Film Studio of the China Film
Group Corporation.  Master Zhao started his martial art training in Chinese Wrestling
(Shuaijiao) at age 10 with Master Han Ying (韩英) and Na Zhengang (那振刚).  He
participated in many competitions with his teacher and gongfu brothers, and shortly
attracted attention as a talented young fighter.
Master Zhao Zeren teaching Shuaijiao to American students
Master Zhao Zeren
At age 15 Master Zhao started Shi Style Baiyuan Tongbeiquan
training with Master Li Shusen (李树森), as well as with Master Li’s
gongfu brother Zhang Reiqing (张瑞卿), and their teacher
Grandmaster Li Zhendong (李振东).  Showing great aptitude at an
early age, he became a favorite among these teachers, and
benefited from their special instruction.  He accepted many
challenges, and challenged many people himself.  By his twenties,
Master Zhao had already become famous as a fighter in Beijing.
Master Zhao Zeren practicing Baiyuan Tongbeiquan
Master Zhao Zeren teaching Tongbei to American students
In 1967, Master Zhao began his internal martial art training with
Luo Shuhuan (骆舒焕) who was the “open door” senior
disciple of great martial arts Master
Wang Peisheng (王培生).  
Precocious and charismatic, bright and diligent, Master Zhao was a
favorite disciple of Master Luo, who took the unusual step of sending
him directly to his own teacher, Master Wang, for intensive training.
Master Zhao studied Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, weapons, and Qigong with
Grandmaster Wang Peisheng, and accepted as a formal disciple in
1984.  Master Zhao became a third-generation member of the Yin
Cheng Gong Fa (印诚功法) group, the sixth-generation member of the
Wu Style Taijiquan organization, and the sixth-generation member of
the Baguazhang organization.  For his perseverance, perception, and
analytical capabilility, he was favorably regarded by Master Wang as
one of the best among his grand-disciples.  As such, Grandmaster
Wang provided Master Zhao full transmission without reservation.
Master Luo Shuhuan teaching Zhao Zeren Taiji Sword
Grandmaster Wang Peisheng and Zhao Zeren
in the Summer Palace in 1982
Grandmaster Wang Peisheng  teaching
Zhao Zeren Bagua applications in 1982
Master Zhao was meticulous in his approach to training, validating
skills developed in training with real life fighting at every opportunity.
He has always sought to make certain that the application of his
fighting skills conformed to Taiji principles.  Master Zhao visited many
masters, especially from the 1980’s onward.  Because his film work
allowed him to travel frequently throughout China, he had the
opportunity to meet masters from a wide variety of styles and from
many different places.  In doing so he established a great reputation
for his fighting skill.
Master Zhao Zeren and well-known Yiquan (Dacheng)
Master Wang Zuocheng practice fighting
Master Zhao Zeren demonstrates Taijiquan application
Master Zhao Zeren teaching Taijiquan application
In 1982, Master Zhao began the work of systematically
preserving the teachings of Master Wang.  This process
began with the filming of Master Wang’s performance of Liu
Shi Ba Fa (Liu Style Bagua) in the Imperial Garden, moving
then to film his Wu Style Taijiquan at the Temple of Great
Enlightenment.  Master Zhao continued this process until 1992
when this large collection was finally published in videotape,
VCD, and DVD format.  Thus preserving a great historical,
cultural legacy of traditional martial arts.
Taiji Spear of Grandmaster Wang
Peisheng's video collection
Wu Style Taijiquan 37 Posture Form
of Grandmaster Wang Peisheng's
video collection. Zhao Zeren joined
Master Wang's demonstration
Zhao Zeren and his Grandmaster Wang Peisheng
in the Temple of Great Enlightnment
Master Zhao began sharing his knowledge of Tongbei and
Shuaijiao in 1973.  In 1983, he began teaching Baguazhang
and Wu Style Taijiquan, and has since gained many formal
disciples.  Following the examples set by his Grandmaster
Wang Peisheng and Master Luo Shuhuan, his approach
was that of rigorously combining the theory and practice as
prescribed by the Daoist law of internal martial arts
expressed in the Classics of Taijiquan.  Master Zhao’s
training has always maintained strict binding between the
principles of Taiijquan and the realities of combat.  
Gongfu brothers with their Grandmaster Wang Peisheng,
from left: Lu Shengli, Gong Zhenyu, Zhao Zeren, Zhang Yun
Throughout his life Master Zhao has maintained contact with
the followers of other styles, constantly experimenting,  
learning, and deepening his understanding of Taijiquan
through combat.  He has steadfastly followed Master Wang’s
example: when faced with questions and challenges, he has
always accepted and engaged in realistic trial on-the-spot.  
As Master Wang said “Genuine skill should be able to
withstand real life tests in all circumstances.”  Always calm in
the chaos of combat, he has met many others seeking
instruction and challenges, both domestic and foreign, many
of them experts themselves.  Typically, such contests of skill
have ended as soon as initial contact was made, with Master
Zhao's opponents being quickly thrown to the ground.  
These days Master Zhao devotes most of his energy
to helping spread the knowledge of traditional martial
arts.  Retired from his film career, he now participates
as a guest on television programs such as “Gongfu
Legacy – Baguazhang” (功夫传承 – 八卦掌) and
“Personal Accounts – Understanding Taijiquan” (口述
– 悟太极).  At home and abroad, Master Zhao is a
much sought-after teacher, frequently invited to teach
advanced seminars by organizations in the United
States and Europe.  Besides his own classes, he is
also active in helping students establish their own
schools that conform to the high standards of Yin
Cheng Gong Fa.
Master Zhao Zeren teaching a seminar
"Gongfu Legacy - Baguazhang"
is shooting on the Great-wall
Playing King Lanling in a movie
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