Luo Shuhuan (骆舒焕) was born in Beijing on June 16, 1935. His father was a disciple of the headmaster of Beiyunguan
(白云观) – the White Could Temple of Beijing, which is the headquarter of Taoist Longmenpai (龙门派) – Dragon Gate
School. Heavily influenced by his upbringing, he had a deep love for traditional culture from a very young age. He studied
traditional philosophy, literature, music instruments, calligraphy, and seal cutting with famous scholars such as Wei
Changqing (魏长青). He also received modern education and became a mechanical engineer.

When he was thirteen years old, Luo started studying Taijiquan and Baguazhang with his master Wang Peisheng (王培生).
He was one of Master Wang's earliest disciples. He practiced hard and was a smart student. Master Wang liked him very
much and taught him very carefully. He remained unswervingly loyal and obedient to Master Wang and to the traditional
principles and values of Taijiquan through many difficult and terrible times. As a result, Master Wang trusted Luo Shuhuan
more than any of his other students or disciples. He was Master Wang's senior disciple and group administrator.

Master Luo was very open to his disciples, taking care of as if they were his own children, never holding anything back.  
When his students progress to a certain point, he would bring them to receive direct training with his own teacher. This is
something most martial art teachers would never do for fear of losing their students.  

Most of his students studied martial arts with him during Culture Revolution. At that time, teaching traditional culture could
get a person into big trouble, so during that time most masters did not want to teach. But to protect the traditional culture,
Master Luo taught martial arts and calligraphy to many young students at his home. He did not charge anything; on top of
that he almost always offered food and other forms of support to his students. Today several of his students became
famous martial artists and calligraphy masters. They always remember that very difficult but happy time spent with their
    On Feb 4, 1984, with Master Wang's permission, Master Luo opened the door to formally accept
disciples. It was the first “door opening” for the next generation in Master Wang's lineage. According to
tradition, only after Master Luo – the most senior disciple, accepted his disciples, could other of
Master Wang’s disciples accept their disciples. It is the biggest honor in a martial arts family. With
each generation only one master could get this honor. Following traditional protocol for the such
ceremony, Master Luo accepted his disciples. They are Zhang Deshan (张德山), Zhao Zeren (赵泽仁),
Lu Shengli (鲁胜利), Zhang Yun (张云), Gu Yun (谷云), Qi Ligang (齐立刚), Li Derong (李德荣), Gong
Zhenyu (宫振宇), Zhao Aiguo (赵爱国), He Hongrui (贺宏瑞), Li Zhihui (李智慧), Liu Shengchang (刘声
昌), Qu Jingren (曲景仁), etc. Later, Master Luo also accepted Zhang Zengqiang (张增强), Rao
Shousui (饶首穗), Wang Linjie (王林杰), Li Shuting (李树亭), Wei Cunkuan (魏存宽), and Zhang
Fuquan (张福泉) as his disciples. His son Luo Jianjun (骆建军) and his two daughters Luo Jianhua (骆
建华) and Luo Jianhong (骆建宏) studied martial arts with him as well.
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    During the Culture Revolution in 1960s – 1970s, Master Luo was sent to the countryside
where he had to perform very hard labor under abysmal conditions for several years, when he
became ill, he had little access to healthcare.  Healthcare in China in the immediate aftermath of
Cultural Revolution were not much better.  All of this caused serious and permanent damages
to his health.  After twenty years of struggling with illness, Master Luo passed away on
September 18, 1987.
Master Luo Shuhuan
Master Luo Shuhuan teaches his students
Daodejing of Laozi, calligraphy of Su Yue
who learned calligraphy with Master Luo
and now is an international famous
calligraphy master
Master Luo, Grandmaster Wang Peisheng and
Dai Yusan in the disciple ceremony
Masters and disciples in Master Luo's open-door disciple ceremony
New disciples in the ceremony are following traditional protocol
Master Luo teaches his youngest daughter