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Here we have posted some pictures of Grand Master Wang Peisheng Yin Cheng. During his about
seventy years of martial arts life, Grand Master Wang has studied many different styles with several
famous masters. He won his reputation as a great fighter. During his long teaching career, he has
taught primarily Taiji, Bagua, and Xingyi. He has also taught Baji, Tantui, Tongbei, and Qigong for
many years. As a martial arts expert, he has participated in many national conferences and martial
arts events. Over the years, he has traveled widely and brought an understanding of traditional
Chinese martial arts, Qigong, philosophy, culture and arts to people in many countries.
Grand Master Wang Peisheng - Yin Cheng
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Cheng Style Bagua - Turn Body
Back Palm Change
Master Wang (third from the left of the first row) and well-known Taiji  masters in the conference in July 1982,
Shanghai. In first row: Yang Zhenduo (second from the left), Ma Yueliang (forth from the left), Sun Jianyun (fifth
from the left). In the second row: Chen Xiaowang (second from left), Gu Liuxin (fifth from right), Feng Zhiqiang
(forth from the right). In the last row: Fu Zhongwen (fifth from the left), Hong Junsheng (seventh from the left).
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Yin Style Bagua - Suishi Zhang
Great Master Wang Peisheng
(second from the left of the
first row) and well-known
Bagua masters of China
during re-build Dong
Haihuan's grave event in
Summer 1981, Beijing. In first
row: Wang WenKuai (first
from the right), Liu Xinghan
(second from the right), Gao
Ziying (third from the right). In
the second row: Han Wu(first
from the right), Li Ziming
(third from the right).  In the
last row: Wang Rongtang.
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Taiji Dao - Saber
Xingyi - Pi  
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Solo Push Hands routin - Dalu
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Liu Style Bagua - Form
and Applications
Taiji Application                                     Seminar in USA
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Taiji Applications
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