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Here we have posted some master demonstration pictures from our group.
The display includes several different styles which we practice and teach.
Here, you can see the variety of weapons as well as empty hand forms that
are included in the YCGF training system. Several of the photographs show
Shifu Zhang instructing students in his classes in Reno and Princeton as
well as practicing fighting skills with his first teacher, Master LuoShuhuan in
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Taiji Form, Push Hands, and Saber - Yang Yuting
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Great Master Wang Peisheng in solo Taiji push hands routine
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Down Push of Taiji - Luo Shuhuan
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Bagua - Luo Shuhuan
Cheng Style Bagua
- Wang Peisheng
Jian - Han Muxia
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Spiral Dragon Staff -
Wang Naixiang
Saber -  Luo Shuhuan
Taiji vs Bagua - Luo Shuhuan and Zhnag Yun
Zhang Yun
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Taiji Sword
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Bagua Wrest Strike - Zhao Zeren
Striking Tiger - Zhao Zheren
Taiji - Wild Horse Parts its Mane
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Xingyi - Dragon
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Taiji Sword
Tongbei Center Punch - Zhao Zeren
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Bagua - White Snake
lies on grass
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Tongbei Application
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Bagua Ziwu Yuanyang Yue
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Tongbei Chopping Mountain - Zhao Zeren
Taiji Push hands
Bagua Saber
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Xingyi Saber
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Zhao Zeren and well-known Yi Quan (Dacheng Quan) master Wang Zuocheng
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Taiji Sticking Staff
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Xingyi  - Lu Shengli
Taiji Saber
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Bagua -  Lu Shengli
Baji Ding Zhou (Elbow Strike)
Baji Cheng Chui
Tongbei Reserve Sprinkle Palm Strike - Gu Yun
Tongbei Purple Swallow Skilms Water - Gu Yun
Tongbei Leg Stretching - Gu Yun
Tongbei broadsword Tiger Clams Mountain - Gu Yun
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Lu Shengli's Sixteen Postures Form
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Spear Circles
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Spear - Zhang Yun
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters
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Yin Style Bagua
Shaking Armour
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