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It is very important to respect the elder generation masters of the Chinese martial arts family.
People say, "One should never forget who made a well when drinking the water." Learning
respect is the first lesson in any martial arts class. Only if you can do it well, do you have a
chance to inherit high level skills. Do not underestimate the accomplishments of the older
generation and do not forget the source of your knowledge. This traditional and fundamental
form of respect has made it possible for a valuable art to survive.

Here we present some pictures of the elder generation masters in our group. In time, we hope we can find
more photos to update this gallery.Here we present some pictures of the elder generation masters in our
group. In time, we hope we can find more photos to update this gallery.
Taoist Master Zhang Sanfeng, who
get highly respect in internal martial
arts groups. People believe it is he
who created Taiji Quan.
Taiji Quan
Yang Luchan, the first person
taught Taiji Quan public and got
great reputation. He made Taiji
become famous and popular.
Wu Yuxiang, the early time
Taiji master. He made great
contribution in Taiji Quan
Yang Banhou, Yang Luchan's
second son. He was a great
fighter and won reputation for
Taiji Quan
Li Yiyu, Wu YiXiang's nephew.
He wrote some great Taiji
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Wang Maozhai - Quan You's
senior disciple, the leader of
Wu style north group
In our Wu Style Taijia lineage, we respect Quan
You was the first  generation. Quan You
learned Taiji Quan from Yang Luchan and later
became Yang Banhou's disciple. In the second
generation, Quan You's son Wu Jianquan and
his senior disciple Wang Maozhai led the south
and north group of Wu Style Taiji Quan.
Wu Jianquan - Quan You's
son, the leader of Wu style
south group
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In the north Wu Style Taiji group, Yang
Yuting was leader in the third generation.
Wang Peisheng is Yang's senior disciple
and the group administrator, and then
became the leader of the fourth generation.
Luo Shuhuan was Wang's earliest disciple
and the group administrator in his
Yang Yuting                                         Wang Peisheng                                    Luo Shuhuan
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Li Rundong was very famous martial artist. He was one of
the founders of Taiji Wuxin Zhui (today it is called Li Style
Taiji) and a successor of Taiji Shisan Dan. His senior
disciple Guo Ruizhou was Wang Peisheng's blood
brother, so that he was master Wang's master also.
Bagua Zhang
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Dong Haichuan, the founder of
Bagua Zhang. He brought Bagua
Zhang to Beijing and made great
Yin Fu, the founder of Yin Style
Bagua, was one of the most famous
Bagua master. He was Dong
Haichuan's number one disciple.
Liu Dekuan, the founder of Liu Style
Bagua which is the most popular
application form of Bagua.
Cheng Tinghua, the founder of Cheng
Style Bagua which is the most popular
Bagua style.
Ma Gui, disciple of Yin Fu and also learned with
Dong Haichuan directly. He won his great reputation
as a great fighter. He was the leader of the third
generation of Baguazhang family.
In our Bagua Zhang Lineage, we believe Dong Haichuan was the founder of this school. In the second generation, there were
several different styles were taught. Yin Style, Cheng Style, Song Style, and Liu Style are the most famous.
Xingyi Quan
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Li Luoneng, the fifth generation
master, was respected as the
greatest Xingyi master
Ji Longfeng, the real foumder of Xingyi Quan. It is
said he got General Yue's martial arts book and
used some spear skills to made up Xingyi Quan.
General Yue Fei, the Chinese
national hero, is respected as
Xingyi Quan founder.
There are four different Xingyi Quan styles. They are Henan Style, Dai Family Style, Shanxi Style, and Hebei Style. Hebei Style is
the most popular style.
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Che Yizhai was Li's first disciple
and the founder of Shanxi Style
Xingyi Quan.
Guo Yunshen was Li's disciple and
one of the most famous Xingyi
master. His fighting skills won great
reputation for Xingyi Quan
Liu Qilan was Li's disciple. He and
his disciples made Hebei Style
Xingyi became the most popular
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Bu Xuekuan was Che's disciple.
Wang Peisheng studied Shanxi
Style Xingyi with one of Bu's
earler disciple Zhao Runting.
Han Muxia was Zhang's disciple. As a Xingyi and
Bagua master, he had great reputation and was
respected one of three best in his generation.
Wang Peisheng studied Hebei Xingyi and Bagua
with him.
Zhang Zhaodong was Liu's disciple.
His nickname was Lighting Hand
ZHang. He won the great reputation
for Xingyi Quan.  
Baiyuan Tongbei Quan
Li Zhendong was one of the most
famous Tongbei master in his time.
His fighting skills made he won a
nickname "Quick Hand Black Li."
In our Baiyuan Tongbei Quan
group, we believe famous
Taoist master Chen Tun was
the founder of the style.
Li Shusen was Li Zhendong's disciple.
He won his nickname "Iron Arm Li."
Baji Quan
        Li Shuwen                                                                     Wu Xiufeng
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