Tiger Spirit Martial Arts Academy

A traditional Bai Shi Ceremony was held on Sept 9th, 2007. Shifu Ingram
opened the door and accepted his first three disciples; Jason Inglish, Cody
Yarbrough, and Jeffrey Kinnear.
Grandmaster Zhang Yun
(the first from the left),
the president of YCGF
and Shifu Ingram's
martial arts master,
attended the ceremony.
Shifu Ingram's gongfu
brothers Shifu Strider
Clark (the second from
the left), the vice
president of YCGF and
the president of
BYTBQA, and Shifu
Clayton Shiu (the fifth
from the left), the
president of Zhicheng
Martial Arts School of
NY, attended too.
Three new disciples
(from the left):
Jason Inglish,
Cody Yarbrough,
Jeffrey Kinnear
Shifu Strider Clark is the
sponsor of new disciples
Shifu Clayton Shiu is the
master of the ceremony
Master Huang and
his students from
South and North
Gongfu School
performance the
lion dancing to
celebrate the
The celebration for the family grows up